Top 20 Jobs for Immigrants in Canada without Work Permit

Are you looking for the Top 20 Jobs for Immigrants In Canada Without Work Permit? Then this post is solely and exclusively for you.


Most foreign nationals wishing to work in Canada require a work permit, a legal document authorizing a foreign national to engage in employment and receive compensation from a Canadian employer.

However, in particular unique and spectacular circumstances, a foreign national may work in Canada without a work permit.

In this article, I’ll highlight the top 20 jobs for immigrants that do not require a work permit. So, go through the list to know which job suits you as an immigrant.

It is known that Canada is one of the most secure economies in the world, and there are numerous jobs in demand in Canada to help immigrants settle in the country.

Therefore, read through and get detailed information by knowing the top 20 jobs in Canada and multiple instances where a visa holder doesn’t require having a Canadian work permit.


Immigrants In Canada Without Work Permits

Every year, thousands of skilled professionals move to Canada to pursue new and better opportunities to work in Canada has undoubtedly become one of the favorite destinations for immigrants in the recent past.

The benefits of Canadian immigration policies are one of the critical drivers to people choosing Canada as their preferred immigration destination.

In addition, immigrants are attracted by Canada’s high standard of living, medical benefits, safety and security, stunning geographical locations, and great employment opportunities.

Most will immigrate through economic immigration programs and systems such as the Express Entry System, and its popularity seems to grow yearly.

But did you know that having a specific occupation and position will allow you to work in Canada without a work visa?


Some of these occupations fall within the aviation, religious, athletic, transportation, emergency response, events, and media sectors, to name a few.

If you wish to immigrate permanently to Canada, I advise you to go through our article on the essential guide to Canada immigration visa programs.


  1. Have documents showing that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
  2. Have no record of any criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate as proof
  3. Are not a danger to Canada’s security
  4. Must have good health and take a medical exam if required
  5. Have no plans to work for an employer listed as ineligible by the government because they failed to comply with specific conditions
  6. Have no plans to work for an employer who offers erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages
  7. Must be ready to provide any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada.

Top 20 Jobs For Immigrants In Canada Without Work Permits

These are the Top 20 jobs in Canada for immigrants that don’t require a work permit:

1. Athletes

Athletes and sports competitors typically do the following by practicing to develop and improve their skills and keep their sports equipment in good condition.

As professional athletes aspiring to excel, neither you nor your team members would require a work permit to migrate to Canada.

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In other words, coaches and team members participating in sporting events in Canada individually do not need a work permit or are exempted from the work permit requirements to migrate.

Salary: The average pay for a Professional Athlete is $54,678 a year and $26 an hour in Canada

2. Clergy

The clergy is the body of all people ordained for religious duty and typically study sacred texts and write and deliver sermons or talks based on their religion’s teachings.

So, as clergy and you must perform, related to preaching doctrine, providing spiritual guidance or presiding religious event, then the work permit requirement is exempted for such individual.

Please note that you will need to apply for a work permit for anything outside those mentioned earlier.

Salary: The average salary for a Clergy in Canada is C$59932

3. Military Personnel

As military personnel, you don’t need a work permit to gain entry into Canada; this is made possible as long as you’re on an assignment that you may need to visit Canada.

Generally, they Participate in or support military operations, such as combat or training operations or humanitarian or disaster relief.

Duties: Operate, maintain, and repair equipment. Perform technical and support activities.

Salary: The rate of a Military Personnel is above C$39,00-42,000 per year, while the highest is around C$130,000 per year.

4. Civil Aviation inspector

As known, a civil aviation inspector designs manufactures, repairs, and inspects the FAA heavily regulates the general aviation or commercial aircraft flying in the National Airspace System.

They are the tool for the Member States who lack qualified technical personnel in their Civil Aviation Authority to access a database of skilled technical personnel.

However, as a flight operation or cabin safety inspector, you don’t need a work permit to gain entry into Canada, as long as you’re on special duty.

Salary: The national average salary for a Civil Aviation inspector is C$67,673 in Canada.

5. Emergency service providers

You might be sent on emergency duty to Canada, so as long as you’re being called upon for emergency rendering services, you won’t require a work permit to enter Canada.

Such services include medical assistance, appraisers, and provincially licensed insurance adjusters, assist with disaster response or crisis management activities.

Salary: The national average salary for an Emergency Services Officer is $57,617 in Canada.

6. Referee or similar officials

Referees or similar officials keep track of event times, starting or stopping play when necessary. Signal participants and other officials when infractions occur or regulate play or competition

This is another type of job that doesn’t require a work permit to enter Canada; this is so as long as you’re to be present for the related international amateur sports event, which is also to be organized by a Canadian organization.

Salary: The average referee salary in Canada is $43,144 per year or $22.13 per hour.

7. Public speakers

You do not need a work permit to enter Canada as a public speaker for specific events. However, this is only possible if those events don’t exceed 5days.

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But, some commercial speakers may require a work permit, including commercial speakers that are hired to provide training services by a Canadian business and guest athlete’s instructor.

Salary: The national average salary for Public speakers is $54,008 per year in Canada

8. Convention organizers

Convention organizers in meetings, conventions, and event planners organize various social and professional events, including weddings, educational conferences, and business conventions.

Suppose your job involves organizing an event or conference like cooperate meetings, consumer shows, trade shows, and exhibitions. In that case, you don’t need a work permit to enter Canada.

Salary: A person working as a Conference Organiser in Canada typically earns around 88,900 CAD per year.

9. Examiners and Evaluators

As an academic guide, professor or examiner, you may be in for guiding students on their works, research purposes, or to evaluate Canada academy university programs. Then you do not need a work permit to gain entry into Canada.

Salary: Canada’s national average wage for Examiners and Evaluators is $73,781.

10. Farm work

There are categories of farm work that don’t require a work permit to gain entry into Canada; this includes farm work on a volunteer basis and non-commercial farmwork.

However, as long as your primary purpose is to engage in these farm activities, you do not need a work permit.

Salary: The average farm worker salary in Canada is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour. 

11. Health care student

As a healthcare support worker, you will be responsible for assisting and caring for patients in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment.

Health care students will be expected to change dressings, take vital signs, and ensure each patient has a comfortable and safe area to recover and does not need a work permit.

Salary: The average Health care student salary in Canada is $46,800 per year or $24 per hour

12. News reporter and media crew

News reporters and media crew receive assignments or evaluate news leads and tips to develop whole story ideas.

As a News reporter and media crew, you gather and verifies factual information regarding the story through interview, observation, and research.

You organize material, determine slant or emphasis, and write the story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards, and you do not need a work permit.

Salary: The average News reporter and media crew salary in Canada is $51,578 per year or $26.45 per hour.

13. Business visitor

Business visitors need to meet people from companies doing business with their country to observe the specific site visits.

Business visitor deals in negotiating contracts, participating in short-term training, and transiting through the country, and you do not need a work permit.

Salary: the average salary for Business visitors is CA$107,793 per year.

14. Aviation accident or incident inspector

An aviation accident investigator may also be called an air safety investigator; they investigate, study, and report on airplane crashes to figure out how and why they happened.

Aviation accident investigators cover many areas and try to discover the cause of accidents, and you do not need a work permit.

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Salary: Canada’s average Aviation accident or incident inspector salary is $91,695 per year or $47.02 per hour.

15. Off-campus work

Off-campus work takes place outside the boundaries of the socialized part of any organization in the country.

The Off-campus jobs could potentially pay twice as much as an on-campus job, and you do not need a work permit.

Salary: The average salary for Off-campus work is CA$42,565 per year or CA$22 per hour

16. Expert witnesses or investigators

Expert witnesses or investigators have experience in law enforcement with knowledge of crime scenes, construction safety, burglary, abuse, surveillance, homicide, and other types of crime dealt with by police.

They can be anyone with knowledge or experience of a particular field or discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman. 

Salary: the average salary is estimated to be $350 per week.

17. Implied status

A person with implied status can continue the activity they were already doing in Canada under the same conditions as their original authorization allowed.

Workers may continue to work, students may continue to study, visitors may continue to visit, and you do not need a work permit.

Salary: The average salary for Implied status is about CA$36 per hour

18. Foreign government officers

Foreign Government Official means any director, officer, employee, agent, or representative of an alien (non-Canadian) government or “public international organization.”

Foreign government officers, also known as diplomats, help manage political and economic relations with a specific country, which does not require a work permit.

Salary: The average salary for Foreign government officers is about CA$105,494 per year.

19. On-campus work

On-campus employment includes work as a teaching or research assistant in the university library, dormitory dining facilities, laboratories, and administrative offices.

They work, in essence, allowing the student to remain on campus instead of having to commute to a job that does not require a work permit.

Salary: The average salary for a student worker is C$16.77 per hour in Canada.

20. Performing artist

A performing artist is an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience, acts, dances, and sometimes plays musical instruments as part of their performances.

They express emotions and present ideas through body language, spoken language, facial expressions, and actions that do not require a work permit in Canada.

Salary: Canada’s average performing arts salary is $50,672 per year or $25.99 per hour.

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In general, it’s hard to find a job in Canada as an immigrant; it’s probably more difficult for immigrants to find a job in Canada than anywhere else, and it’s not for lack of employment or a bad economy.

However, some jobs make it easier for you in Canada; all you need is your basic requirements and qualifications.

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