The world is embracing the world of sports, especially among young ones, making it quite commendable as participation has gone around. If you are a high school student in Australia interested in sports and looking for sports scholarships, then you are at the right place, as this article lists some sports scholarships for high school students in Australia. 


It’s not a new thing that most prominent sportsmen and women didn’t come from wealthy homes, nor did they have any financial backbone that could give them the spotlight they wanted; 

Well, scholarships or sponsorship could be a great tool that helps these people become a big names in the sporting world. 

Most young people don’t have the financial strength they need; the Australian government has decided to step in by offering sports scholarships for high school students in Australia. 

Sports scholarship for high school students in Australia

The ACPE Sports High School 


The ACPE (Australian college of physical education) was set up to hold up young adults’ learning, personal, and professional developments within the age of 15-20. 

The ACPE sports scholarship reduces tuition fees for a chosen undergraduate degree valued at $45,000-$75,000. 

Eligibility requirements 

  1. Applicants must have completed the HSC 
  2. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (individuals with humanitarian visas could also apply) 
  3. Applicants must be commencing student that is enrolled full-time in an undergraduate course of study at ACPE 
  4. Applicants must be applying for the first time (individuals that have registered before do not qualify)
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For applicants to be considered, applicants must:

  1. Complete their application to study with ACPE 
  2. Upload a current resume 
  3. Upload their statements 
  4. Upload any supporting documents 

Benefits of receiving a sports scholarship 

  1. It enables students to earn a degree they wouldn’t be able to afford 
  2. Students get a monthly stipend 
  3. They provide financial assistance for students 

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In summary, I believe this article has been insightful as it has shed more light on Sports scholarships for high school students in Australia and has listed the eligibility and benefits of receiving a sports scholarship as a high school student in Australia.

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