Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t earn a six-figure salary just because you don’t have a college degree.


In today’s world, quite many successful people are millionaires, and surprisingly some of them don’t have a college degree which makes one question the source of their wealth or lifestyle; however, if you get a clearer picture of them, you’ll realize that they are not into any form of money laundering or using any illegal means to get rich.


While growing up, I believed going to college could land me a job that could cater to my financial needs and also make me financially buoyant as I’ve always heard people saying that a college graduate earns more than a high school graduate; well, it’s true though, but having a college certificate is still not an assurance of having that comfortable life you’ve always dreamt of.

Many people earn six-figure pay without going to college, and you could be one of them with or without a college degree, as this article lists some six-figure jobs without college degrees.

NOTE: This article is in no way trying to discourage anyone from attending college if they want to, as I believe you could also make your six-figure while in college or after college.



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Before I list out some six-figure jobs without a college degree, I’d love to share some things you ought to have in mind before you embark on your money-making journey.

  1. Don’t venture into this if it would affect your education
  2. Stay consistent in whatever you choose to do, as inconsistency wouldn’t fetch you anything
  3. Don’t have high expectations the moment you start
  4. Be well equipped by going for training and courses that would make you ready for challenges.
  5. Get a mentor to guide you through rough times
  6. Set an achievable goal
  7. Let your passion be your motivation, and the money will come after


Six-figure jobs without a College Degree 


Brand influencer Being a brand influencer is one of the fastest ways to get some racks coming in, although it isn’t an easy journey as it requires consistency, building an online presence, a strong fanbase, and being focused. As a brand influencer, you get to partner with numerous brands and advertise their products and services through content creation; you could also make reviews of a product or host giveaways on behalf of the brand you are promoting.



  1. Blogging 

Blogging has become one of the easiest ways of making cash as your money making isn’t limited, from making money through ad networks to advertising for brands and sponsored post. A blog is undoubtedly a profitable way of making money as long as you have the proper knowledge about blogging and stay consistent.

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  1. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is another way of making money; you could make some cash by not owning a physical store or not even having a product to sell; all you need to do is meet business owners and meet them for a partnership where they’ll pay you an agreed commission for each sale you make and then set up an e-commerce store where you’ll put up their products and services and serve as a mediator between them and their prospective clients.


  1. Virtual Assistant 

The virtual assistant job is undoubtedly one of the top paying jobs right now, and it’s absolutely stress-free; as a virtual assistant, you could go about your everyday daily life while working, which I’m sure everyone would want. Being a virtual assistant is the same as working in an office; the only difference is that you can work from anywhere, provided your electronic gadgets like a laptop and phone and a stable internet connection to ensure you’re not disconnected.


  1. Freelance writer 

If you are extremely good with English and can write, then you could turn your passion into income; as a freelance writer, you get to write for blogs, individuals, and also companies where you would be given various writing tasks like magazine articles, email marketing, blog post, newsletters, brochures, etc.

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As you keep getting more gigs, your experience and pay go up but don’t expect a big pile of money once you start writing, as it’s a gradual process.

  1. Web developer 

The job of a web developer is in high demand and offers mouth-watering pay depending on one’s experience in this field.

A web developer creates and maintains websites for individuals for companies or individuals; they also ensure this website is safe from any form of cyber-attack; as a web developer, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of one or more programming languages like HTML or JavaScript which doesn’t require any form of a college education.

The above-listed are some six-figure jobs without a college degree as they can give you that financial freedom you’ve always wanted from a tender age.


N.B: you are not limited to the ideas in this article as there are many opportunities out there that could land you a six-figure pay without a college degree.

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