Law Clerk Jobs in Canada

Who is a law clerk?


A law clerk is best described as a legal professional who advises and assists lawyers and judges; they also perform additional responsibilities such as preparing legal documents, conducting legal research and analysis, compiling case materials, and writing reports and memoranda. 

A career path as a law clerk is commendable as the pay is very lucrative and indeed a demanding career. 

For an individual that has an interest in the legal world, the job of a law clerk could be a suitable choice as it comes with different benefits such as 

  1. Practicing in different areas like corporate, family, litigation, real estate, and wills
  2. Become exposed to more employment opportunities 
  3. A highly remunerative income 
  4. Being more exposed to the legal world 
  5. Being a problem solver 

I’m sure some of you will agree with the above-listed benefits accompanying being a law clerk. 

How to become a law clerk 

  1. Obtain an undergraduate degree from an accredited law school 
  2. Pass the law school admission test (LSAT)
  3. Apply for law school if you pass the exam 
  4. Get a Juris Doctorate Degree after three years in the law school 
  5. Scale through by passing the bar examination 
  6. Gain experience by working with a judge 
  7. Land yourself a career as a law clerk 

Duties of a law clerk 

  1. They help in assisting lawyers and judges when carrying out their duties 
  2. They counsel lawyers and judges 
  3. They conduct legal research and analysis 
  4. They prepare legal documents 
  5. They ensure that case documents are prepared 
  6. They supervise the activities that are being carried out in the courthouse 
  7. They keep the law library updated 
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Skills a law clerk should possess 

  1. Good communication skills (oral and written)
  2. Friendly and warm nature 
  3. Critical thinking skills 
  4. Problem-solving skills 
  5. Document management skills 

Law clerk jobs can be found HERE

In summary, I believe this article has given insight into what a law clerk job is all about, how to become one, and the duties of a law clerk.

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