Dubai is a trendy city in the United Arab Emirates, with over 16 million people visiting this city since 2019 to date and ranked as the 4th most popular tourist destination in the world. Many people go there for tours or vacations.


With the rising number of people visiting this prestigious city for various reasons, some individuals visit Dubai for job opportunities due to the rising increase of firms and companies set up to boost the economy of this highly regarded city.

However, getting a decent job in Dubai could be quite challenging as most locals would use other locals to fill up the vacant spaces rather than hire a foreigner.

As a foreigner in the city of Dubai or one planning on going there for greener pastures, it would be challenging to get a decent job, especially if you don’t have the necessary skill or qualifications.

The city’s job market is quite competitive, and thousands of individuals are also jostling for the same position as you.

If you don’t want to end up doing a stressful job that wouldn’t guarantee a remunerative salary or that doesn’t assure you of job security, I would advise you to read along. This article will list great jobs in Dubai for foreigners.



Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners


  1. Marketing expert:

A marketing expert, otherwise known as a marketing specialist, is an individual who specializes within a particular area of marketing such as SEO, influencer marketing, social media, email marketing, market research, field and event marketing, branding, paid media, copywriting, content marketing, and a whole lot more.

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To be a marketing expert, you ought to have a degree in either marketing, journalism, communications, or any other related field.

A marketing expert must also be well versed in using Microsoft office suite, adobe creative suite, content management software, and customer relationship management, along with a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.


An individual who works as a marketing expert in the city of Dubai could earn an average of 6,5000 AED monthly.


  1. Public Relations Manager (PR)

A public relations manager is best described as a media and public relations professional tasked with planning and directing the creation of material(s) that will maintain or intensify the public image of the organization or client they work for.

To be a public relations manager, you ought to have a degree in public relations, communications, English, or journalism; some positions might even require an individual to have a Master’s degree.

An individual who works as a public relations manager in the city of Dubai could earn an average of 9,000 AED monthly.


  1. AI Specialist

An ai specialist is an individual that applies their skills in engineering and computer science to create machines, gadgets, or software programs that can think for themselves and also provide solutions for individuals.

With the rising trend in the technological sectors, the beautiful city of Dubai is also not left out; they are creating various technologies and innovations that would make life more comfortable for people.

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Being an ai specialist could land you an excellent job that would give you remunerative pay at the end of the month.


To be an ai specialist, you ought to have in-depth knowledge about programming, systems analysis, and several computer languages; having a bachelor’s degree in fields like data science, mathematics, statistics, or computer science could be an added advantage in getting a job.

An individual whose job is that of an ai specialist in the city of Dubai could be earning an average of 20,000 AED monthly.


  1. Data Scientist 

A data scientist is a professional tasked with collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data.

An individual would require at least a bachelor’s degree in data science or any other computer-related field to become a data scientist, while some jobs might require you to have a Master’s degree.

An individual whose job is that of an ai specialist in the city of Dubai could be earning an average of 18,000 AED monthly.


  1. Software Engineer 

A software engineer is an individual applying the principles of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate various computer programs.

A software engineer could also be called a coder as they create computer software.

To be a software engineer, you ought to have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, computer programming, mathematics, software development, or any other related field.

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An individual who works as a software engineer in the city of Dubai could earn an average of 11,000 AED monthly.


Easy steps to get a job in Dubai

Even though the job market in Dubai is quite competitive, a few steps could guide you to landing a hassle-free job in Dubai; these steps include:

  1. Get the proper visa
  2. Get your health card
  3. Get your work permit
  4. Know the right job market
  5. Pitch big companies that are hiring
  6. Create a brief and straightforward C.V that is presentable
  7. Apply for some online jobs
  8. Consider going through a recruiter in cases where the companies you applied to are not responding.

The above-listed are the simplest ways to land a job in Dubai without going through the hustle and bustle of going to different offices.


In summary, I believe this article has been able to list several jobs in Dubai for foreigners. I can also assure you that these jobs are in high demand, and having the right skills and qualifications could land you a job in Dubai much faster than you anticipated.

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