Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada

There is a progressive increase in immigrants coming into Canada in search of jobs, which can sometimes be stressful.


In this article, we will be portraying and discussing some crucial things relating to the jobs in Canada for immigrants and the job mandate in response to the aptitude of qualifications each possesses.

Individuals are needed in different sectors in Canada, for there are various vacancies that have to be filled by potential and qualified people, and you may go ahead and apply for them as an immigrant.

Job Description

Generally, it is pretty hard to get a job when migrating to Canada as a foreigner, but note that international companies in Canada welcome applicants from immigrants.

In Canada, one of the following steps to follow as a newcomer or foreigner is your transformation to engulf your potential.

There are wide ranges of jobs in Canada that immigrants can apply for; just ensure that you meet all the requirements meted out for the job and be recruited for the job before migrating.


You’ll be expected to have a top-notch resume, be fluent in English or French language (depending on the area), and have relevant job experience. 

Requirements for immigrants getting jobs in Canada

If you’re not Canadian or don’t have a permanent residence in the country, the first thing you should do is secure a job in Canada from your home country

This is important because you need to have a confirmed job offer from a Canadian employer before applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Once you have a job offer, you can apply for a temporary work permit to work legally in the country. 

If you have a lot of work experience or training in a specific field, you could be eligible to apply through Express Entry.


Express Entry allows highly skilled workers to apply for multiple immigration programs at once, resulting in faster processing times.

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Top Demanded Jobs In Canada For Immigrants

  • Accountant
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • University Professor and Lecturer.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Industrial Electrician.
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic.
  • Sales Associate
  • Optician.
  • IT Project Manager
  • Driver 
  • Hospitality Careers and several other sectors

Available Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada 2022/2023

Canada Gov. Job Bank is the official website to get multiple jobs as an immigrant, all of which will be provided below and the application link as well!

1. Administrative assistant 


  • Arrange and coordinate seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Record and prepare minutes of meetings, seminars, and conferences
  • Determine and establish office procedures and routines
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Answer telephone and relay telephone calls and messages
  • Answer electronic inquiries
  • Compile data, statistics, and other information
  • Order office supplies and maintain inventory
  • Arrange travel and related itineraries and make reservations
  • Greet people and direct them to contacts or service areas
  • Open and distribute regular and electronic incoming mail and other material and co-ordinate the flow of information
  • Set up and maintain manual and computerized information filing systems
  • Type and proofread correspondence, forms, and other documents

Experience and Specialization

  • Computer and Technology Knowledge – Electronic scheduler, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Office, MS Word, and MS Windows
  • Area of Specialization – Correspondence, Reports and records, Invoices.
  • Personal Suitability – Ability to multitask, Accurate, Client focus, Excellent oral communication, Excellent written communication, Flexibility, Organized, Reliability, and Team player
  • Experience – 1 year to less than 2 years

2. Nurse aide 


  • Supply and empty bed pans
  • Take patients’ blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
  • Serve meal trays and feed patients
  • Weigh, lift, turn, and position patients
  • Deliver messages, reports, requisitions, and specimens between departments
  • Make beds and maintain patients’ rooms
  • Maintain inventory of supplies
  • Bathe, dress, and groom patients
  • Answer call signals
  • Accompany patients on outside recreational activities and perform other duties related to patient care and comfort
  • Administer first aid in emergencies
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  • Certificates, Licences, Memberships, and Courses  – First Aid Certificate, CPR Certificate
  • Education  – Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
  • Experience – 7 months to less than 1 year

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3. Mechanical Engineer

These professionals research, design, and develop machinery and systems for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, transportation, processing, and manufacturing. They’re in short supply in Canada.

“As with many other STEM positions, talent for mechanical engineers is in short supply in many areas of Canada,” notes Randstad. “If you’re qualified, have experience or the right credentials and education, you can probably find a job as a mechanical engineer.”

4. Restaurant Manager

This employer has applied for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire a foreign worker to fill labor or skills shortages on a temporary basis. Canadians and Permanent residents are able and encouraged to apply. 


  • Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate daily operations
  • Determine the type of services to be offered and implement operational procedures
  • Ensure health and safety regulations are followed
  • Negotiate arrangements with suppliers for food and other supplies
  • Participate in marketing plans and implementation


  • Client focus
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral communication
  • Excellent written communication
  • FlexibilityOrganized
  • Team player
  • Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
  • 2 years to less than 3 years of experience

5. Web designer


  • Consult with clients to develop and document Website requirements
  • Source, select and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout, and flow of the Website
  • Create and optimize content for Website using a variety of graphics, databases, animation, and other software
  • Lead and co-ordinate multidisciplinary teams to develop Website graphics, content, capacity, and interactivity
  • Conduct tests and perform security and quality controls
  • Plan, design, write, modify, integrate and test Web-site related code
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Computer and Technology Knowledge

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel Draw, Extranet, Intranet, Internet, Servers, Desktop applications, Flash, Multimedia software, Image editing software, Programming software, HTML editing software, Website creation and management software, Web service design, Desktop publishing software, Shockwave, Adobe Dreamweaver, Programming languages, MS Office, MS Windows, Spreadsheet.NETC#


All the following are the number of vacancies that immigrants can fill based on locations across Canada, and they include;

  • Alberta – 15003 jobs found.
  • British Columbia – 22020 jobs found.
  • Manitoba – 2431 jobs found.
  • New Brunswick – 1488 jobs found
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 1041 jobs found
  • Northwest Territories – 121 jobs found
  • Nova Scotia – 2007 jobs found
  • Nunavut – 40 jobs found
  • Ontario – 22602 jobs found
  • Prince Edward Island – 381 jobs found
  • Québec – 16419 jobs found
  • Saskatchewan – 5519 jobs found
  • Yukon – 245 jobs found

How To Apply

There are over 89,517 vacancies for immigrants in Canada and if you wish to access them all and apply, then kindly refer to the link below.

Salary Of Immigrants In Canada

The studies have shown that the median pay for immigrants who became permanent residents earned a total of CA$31,900.

Apply Now

Conclusion On Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada 2022

From the above lists of job vacancies in Canada, through the link provided, you are sure to find a job in Canada before migrating or working in Canada.

Now, ensure that you meet all the requirements first before filling out the application form, and this post will be an excellent guide in securing a job in Canada as an Immigrant hence apply now!

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