Canada has made it very easy for unskilled individuals to get employed, thereby reducing the unemployment rate in the country; whether you’re a skilled or an unskilled individual, I can assure you that there are lots of job opportunities for everyone.


Every unskilled individual finds it challenging to get a decent job that can give them a 3 square meal or live a comfortable life.


However, this article would highlight the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada; most of these jobs have a median hourly wage of $20, which is quite impressive as many people would love to work extra hours to ensure their pay goes up.

If you fall into this category of unskilled individuals that might be looking for jobs in Canada, read along. I would list out the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada.



Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada

General laborers A general laborer can be described as an individual tasked with conducting diverse tasks to support other workers in different places like construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

A general laborer does more physical/ hands-on-duty work while such an individual is on duty, and it doesn’t require an individual to have any formal education.

In most cases, general laborers might be trained before being employed, which is given to the individual to ensure effectiveness when carrying out their duties.

Not surprisingly, the general laborer job is the most popular in Canada and is in high demand. Employers keep hiring individuals to fill the vacant spaces; a general laborer working in Canada could receive hourly pay of $16 and earn up to $35,000.

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  1. Truck drivers 

A truck driver can be described as an individual who earns a living by driving a truck; a truck driver doesn’t just make his money by driving trucks around as he uses those trucks to transport different goods and services over land.

Truck drivers perform essential services to various industries, making them a vital asset due to their crucial role in transporting diverse types of goods.

The job of a truck driver is also in high demand across Canada. However, individuals who might be interested in being a truck driver must be willing and prepared to complete an accredited driver training course that can last up to 3 weeks in a vocational school or community college; upon completion of the course, you must be given a class 3 or D license if you want to drive straight body trucks or a class 1 or A license if you’re going to drive long combination vehicles.

An individual whose work is that of a truck driver could earn up to $25 hourly and can go up to earn about $45,000 annually.


  1. Industrial butcher 

An industrial butcher could be described as an individual whose job is to trim and cut meat from more significant portions into smaller portions like roasts, chops, and steaks.

A butcher is also tasked with additional responsibilities like preparing the meat for sale, weighing it, wrapping it, packaging it, and putting it out for sale.

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The job of an industrial butcher is in high demand due to the evolution of this business in the country; individuals are also given on-job training to ensure effectiveness when carrying out their assigned duties.

An individual working as an industrial butcher in Canada could earn up to $18 hourly and can go up to earn about $35,000 annually.


  1. Farmworker 

A farmworker, also known as an agricultural worker, could be described as an individual employed for labor in the farming sector.

Farmworkers are tasked with numerous responsibilities such as planting crops, cultivating crops, harvesting crops, raising livestock/poultry, and maintaining/repairing farm equipment.

The job of a farmworker doesn’t require any necessary qualifications but more physical strength, which is quite similar to that of a general laborer.

Aside from this, the job of a farmworker is also in high demand; the products produced by this industry are used in every individual’s daily lives of every individual thus making the industry grow and making more jobs available to people.

An individual working as a farmworker in Canada could earn up to $15 hourly and can go up to earn about $30,000 annually.


  1. Fishmonger 

A fishmonger could be described as an individual who sells raw fish and other sea foods in wholesale or retail.

A fishmonger possesses various skills such as selecting/purchasing fishes, handling, gutting, boning, filleting, displaying, merchandising, and selling their products. The job of a fishmonger is also in high demand due to the rising consumption of fish and other seafood in Canada.

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Individuals who might be interested in working as a fishmonger don’t need to worry about educational qualifications; people are hired to fill up vacant positions; on-job training is also provided to individuals to ensure effectiveness when carrying out their duties.

An individual working in Canada as a fishmonger could earn up to $18 hourly and up to $40,000 annually.

The above-listed are the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada as they’re all open to individuals residing in Canada and foreigners who might be thinking of getting a job in Canada.


Note: if you are a foreigner residing in Canada or outside Canada, you might find it challenging to get a job in Canada if you don’t have a work permit; a work permit gives you the legal right and freedom to work in any industry in Canada; no employer would want to hire a foreigner without a work permit. 

Before you begin job-hunting, getting a work permit is advisable to make it easier to get a job in Canada. 


In summary, I believe this article has been able to list the highest-paid unskilled jobs in Canada as it should serve as a guide to individuals that don’t have the necessary qualifications to get a decent job.

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