Have you ever dreamt of working for Air Canada? Then this could be a dream come true as this article would give you an insight into the vacant Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs that are available.


Air Canada is one of the most popular airline companies in the world, with a world rank of 6th position globally, and is also recognized as the top airline company in Canada.

Ever since its inception in 1964, this airline company has flown in over 195 countries globally and has recorded a handful of crashes in the past.

Working as a flight attendant for Air Canada is a dream come true for foreigners and citizens interested in the aviation sector; However, it could be challenging, but it’s also rewarding and gives an individual an added advantage of traveling across the world and exploring different places.

Still considering working as a flight attendant for Air Canada? Then stick along. This article will list out the vacant Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs and give you a hint on the requirements needed to land yourself a flight attendant for Air Canada.



Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs 2022/2023 (Apply Now!)


Pilot Flying one of the numerous fleets of aircraft owned by Air Canada, is undoubtedly the dream of many individuals who aspire to become a pilot; being a pilot for Air Canada gives you more exposure and the opportunity to explore Canada and the world.

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The basic requirement to become a pilot for Air Canada includes being a Canadian citizen or possessing a legal immigrant status, being a graduate of a three/four-year diploma/degree program from an accredited college or university, possessing an aviation college degree or diploma, having an experience in commercial or military flight, jet or glass cock pit experience, and completion of 2000 hours of fixed wing flying time.


  1. Flight attendants 

An Air Canada flight attendant (also known as an air host/hostess) is also a member of the aircrew whose primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on the flight; as a flight attendant, you are representing the airline company, and that’s more reason why flight attendants are trained on how to be polite to passengers, and also ensure they enjoy their flight.


The basic requirements to be a flight attendant for Air Canada include a minimum age of 18 years, possessing a Canadian passport, having a clean criminal record as a background check would be carried out, completion of a 7-week long flight attendant training, and also being in a good medical condition as medical tests would be conducted on individuals.

Candidates that speak English and French fluently are given much preference. However, candidates that could speak other languages like Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Turkish are also welcome on board.

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  1. Aircraft maintenance technician 

An aircraft maintenance technician, also called an aeronautical engineer, performs scheduled maintenance operations, rectifies aircraft defects, troubleshoots aircraft, and works on the hangar and the ramp.

As an aircraft maintenance technician for Air Canada, you are responsible for the well-being of the aircraft in the hangar, which means you have to be careful when carrying out your duties, as any little mistake could result in something serious.

The basic requirements include a minimum age of 18 years, sound oral and written English, candidates must have attended an FAA-approved, or AMT-approved school, basic knowledge of mathematics, ability to work with others as a team, and basic knowledge of engineering science and technology.


  1. Cabin grooming 

Individuals in this field are referred to as cabin groomers as they have the primary responsibility of cleaning aircraft cabins and planes after each flight, from vacuuming or sweeping the interiors of cabins to brushing debris from seats, cleaning windows of aircraft, and also arranging seat belts; a cabin groomer makes sure the plane is well cleaned before the subsequent use.

Cabin groomers undergo a two-week training where they are taught safety practices, aircraft types, cleaning procedures, and how to handle various equipment to ensure effectiveness when carrying out their assigned duties.

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In summary, I believe this article has been able to list the Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs that are available for both citizens and foreigners, provided that you meet their basic requirements and are willing to obey any rules while carrying out your duty.

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